ISD always strive to ensure Quality of the products and stringent quality assurance procedures include the following:

  • Environmental monitoring program monthly tests several areas of the manufacturing and production areas for microbial contamination, including manufacturing and packaging equipment;
  • Sanitizing manufacturing machineries and production areas daily;
  • Microbial testing is performed monthly on the process water used to make all SKYGEL products and results have shown no presence of bacteria at all points of use;
  • Sanitization of entire process water system is performed monthly;
  • Continuous monitoring of water quality provides real-time indication of any system malfunction;
  • Microbial testing is done on all SKYGEL products during the routine stability program every six months throughout the life of the product. There have been no indications of microbial growth;
  • Pathogen testing on all production batches on SKYGEL® demonstrates product is free from pathogens when manufactured.