ISD MEDITECH operates within the context of strict interpretation of GMP's and requirements of the ISO 13485 standard. Batch records include the complete traceability of all materials, processes and procedures.

As a full services contract manufacturer we will work with you in any capacity you determine is best for your situation. We can manufacture a single component for your product or we can handle every single detail for the entire product. Even if budget parameters require considering low-cost assembly, we can facilitate and manage any and all levels of production and assembly through our alliances in Malaysia. Our financial strength gives us bulk purchase capabilities to ensure our products are cost competitive. ISD MEDITECH is always at the forefront, in identifying, developing and introducing new BLUE OCEAN products to enable our customers to compete effectively in which ever markets they are selling in. We're ready for large or small runs, 24 hours a day.

Once the manufacturing of parts is complete, accurate and efficient assembly is critical. We make it easy for you to receive your product packed, sterile and ready for sell or even delivered to your customer's door step.